Digital Accountant

Lucy Harrop

What’s your name and what role do you play at Velocity Accounting?

My name is Lucy and my role and velocity is a digital accountant.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy my job because every day is different because we have lots of clients in different industries meaning no two jobs are the same.

Why do you think Velocity Accounting stands out from other accountancy firms?

Velocity stands out from other accountancy firms because we are embracing the technology advances and using them ours and the clients benefit.

How do you make sure each client gets the help they need for their unique financial situation?

To ensure that every client gets the right help they need for their unique financial situation, we keep in regular contact with the clients, and they are also offered a free consultation.

How does Velocity Accounting keep up with changes in the industry to provide the best service possible?

We keep up to date with the changes in the industry by keeping on top of our continuous professional development training by regularly attending webinars and going to conferences such as Accountex.

A fun fact about yourself?

My favourite show to binge watch is Girlmore Girls.

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